Top 10 Reasons to Come to CleanWater Beach.



1. We are the home of Michigan's Summer Break. If you like a beach atmosphere like that found in Florida during Spring Break, you’ll enjoy CleanWater Beach. And, you will not need a plane to get here. Also, unlike the Jobby Nooner, you don’t need a boat because it is an easy car ride to get here.



2. 60% of our customers are between 18 and 30 years old, 80% of customers are between 18 and 40 years old. It is for those who are Young or think Young.  Meet hot guys and pretty girls.



3. CLEAN WATER!!! Swim in one of the cleanest swimming beaches in Michigan. Over 40 years in business and never once closed due to e-coli!!



4. It’s FUN. We offer: Swimming in Crystal Clean Water, 7 Volleyball courts, Picnicing, Roped off Shallow End, Diving Board, Rafts, Picnic Shelter, Picnic tables and grills. We have had Bands, Radio Station Special Events, Volleyball and Bikini Contests, Karaoke and DJ’s.  Kids 8 and under are free when accompanied by an adult!



5. CLOSE AND EASY TO FIND. Located at Exit 22, Cone Road, West of the US-23 expressway. We are within an hours' drive of over 4 million people. You can take the expressway right to our front gate.



6. ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED. No Glass Bottles, No Kegs.



7. NO PARKING FEES. We Do Not Charge for Parking.



8. CHLORINATED POOLS and WATER can irritate Eyes and Skin.  These pools are more costly to own, operate and maintain and usually to gain admission.  None of these compare to the cost of a daily or season passes to CleanWater Beach.



9. In 2004 alone, the Great Lakes and their Tributaries (Rivers) had up to 27.1 Billion gallons of diluted or partially treated Sewage dumped into them.  Some City, State and METRO Beaches may Cost less but are located along these waterways. NOT CLEANWATER BEACH!!!  Our Beach has no outside sources and was designed to clean itself naturally using sun, wind and currents.



10. We are Privately Owned but Open to the Public. We are not owned by the State, City, Metro, County or Township. So come out and enjoy the thousands that have made CleanWater Beach their home for Summer Break.



See you this summer!