Clean Water Beach Membership Agreement

Clean Water Beach is a "members only" private beach that you, as a member, are granted access to our services and the facilities we provide. You, an individual person, by accepting membership and gaining access to the property, personally acknowledge that this activity entails risk of injury to myself, my group, spectators or other third parties as a result of my, my group or other members actions.

I agree, covenant and promise to accept and assume all risk and responsibility for the injury, death, illness, disease or damage to spectators or other third parties and their personal property arising from my actions and my participation in this activity. I agree to release CLEAN WATER BEACH from any and all liability.

I further agree and understand that my picture, audio or video images while at Clean Water Beach may be used by Clean Water Beach over the Internet, TV, Radio, Commercials or other promotional materials and event information.

Clean Water Beach Rules

Anyone in violation of Rules or Policy can be subject to immediate dismissal for the day.


1. A 2016 MEMBERSHIP CARD will be given to you on your first paid visit the beach. The acceptance of the Membership Card and entering the beach is verification (in and of itself) that you agree to and are bound by the Member Agreement Terms above and summarized on the front of your Membership Card.




3. We are not responsible for accidents of any type. You are PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for YOUR OWN ACTIONS and BEHAVIOR.


4. Park Speed Limit is - 5 - M.P.H.. You must drive slowly and carefully when entering or leaving the park. Speeds in excess of - 5 - M.P.H. causes excessive dust on the driveways and there are many families with small children. PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY!!!


5. No diving off the embankments, shoreline, retaining walls or dike into the water. The water is shallow near the edges, it is VERY DANGEROUS, and can cause PERMANENT INJURY.


6. NO FIGHTING. Any arguments or disputes are to be brought to management or security personnel immediately. If anyone is involved in a fight, it will mean removal from the property for the day and potential forfeiture of their Membership Card and a permanent ban.


7. No GLASS Containers of ANY kind, KEGS of ANY size, or PETS of ANY type allowed.


8. No swimming across the width of the lake. The swimming area is marked by a rope that stretches across the length of the lake. Distance swimmers are asked to swim the length of the lake within the roped in areas.


9. No pushing, pulling, shoving or throwing anyone off the rafts or diving board. You may enjoy our rafts by lounging on them, or diving and jumping off them. The rafts do have a weight limit and will be cleared if they are being over loaded.


10. No Power Equipment of any type (including RC vehicles, drones, boats, etc.) allowed.


11. No Throwing Sand, Mud, Clay, Dirt or Rocks. (Parents, please inform children).


12. No Climbing or Sitting on Security Stands or Handling Security Equipment. Beach Personnel Only! No Standing on Picnic Tables.


13. Sports items for Throwing and/or Kicking (footballs, frisbee's, soccer balls, baseballs, etc.) MUST be used on the ball fields to the EAST side of the parking lot (US-23 side).


14. All motor vehicles must remain parked during a visit.



Clean Water Beach Policies


1. You must wear a bathing suit, cutoffs, light coverings or Bermudas. No heavy full length pants or tops will be permitted in the water.


2. You are to conduct yourself in an orderly and responsible manner at all times.


3. Anyone overly intoxicated will be asked to leave the park immediately. You should be able to enjoy yourself without causing problems for yourself and everyone else.


4. Please limit cans and alcoholic beverages in the family area of the sandy beach to a single, personal container, and show restraint with profanity in the family areas of the park. Young people do copy adults, so set a good example.


5. Use the trash cans provided to help keep the park clean.


6. We reserve the right to refuse large groups and to close early on certain occasions.


7. Special Events may incur extra charges.