Parking and Safety


High above CleanWater Beach...


On busy days at CleanWater Beach, parking space for large crowds is limited, so please observe the following guidelines:


Leave the spaces at the end of each row of cars open as a driveway, so traffic can flow smoothly. Park in the parking areas only. Park closely together and keep in straight lines. Leave the driveway next to the volleyball courts open, and do not park near the volleyball courts in the driveway areas.


Sundays are usually busy days... a good day to plan ahead. If you are going to meet friends out here, try car pooling to save space, gas, and money whenever possible. Remember, there is no parking of cars on the west side of the main drive (where the people are... nearest the lake). Park on the east side of the main drive only (in the main lot). Your cooperation will be appreciated and will benefit everyone by providing more room.


Good parking and driving practices will help us all have a more enjoyable weekend, especially on those long Summer Sundays...




Additional Safety Tips


As always, the most important thing to remember is that Security personnel are here for your safety. They are always right! Please cooperate with them for everyone's sake. Their sole purpose at the beach is the safety of you and the others around you. Listen to them when you are spoken to, otherwise, you may find yourself out of the water, or out of the park, permanently. Security personnel are here to prevent tragedies. Horseplay in, or near, the water may result in accidents, and will not be tolerated. Please enjoy the park, but be aware of how your actions and behavior could have serious affects upon others.  Act Responsibly!


Don't hesitate to contact a security person if you see someone in trouble! Your alertness could save their life. Parents, we cannot stress enough the importance of watching small children. Please keep a constant eye on them... It only takes a second for someone to disappear. You are your own childs' best life guard.


As always, be a true friend, watch out for the well-being of your friends and relatives. If they've had too much to drink, keep them out of the water.  Drinking does not mix with driving or swimming.


Smoldering barbeque coals and lit cigarette butts can cause nasty burns. Please do not dump hot coals on the ground when you are leaving. Douse the coals with water, and when they are cool, put them in the trash barrels. Cigarette butts should be put out properly, not just tossed on the ground. Remember, it might be your foot this year.


The speed limit in the park is 5 m.p.h. It helps keep the dust down and prevents fender benders.


Also, watch out for children who don't always look before they cross a driveway.


Well, that's it. A little common sense and courtesy, and we'll all have a another good, safe and enjoyable summer.


One more summer where life's still a beach... at CleanWater Beach.